Saturday 8 April 2017

Hello everyone, it has been another week filled with new challenges and products I have never worked with. I am more motivated, more enthusiastic and ready for work after the end of this week.
It was the first time I have seen how to prepare a soup using artichoke leaves. I really liked it.

I have also learned an interesting technique for garlic preparation. It consists of keeping the garlic in a humid environment at low temperature, where the garlic is left for a couple of weeks.   As a result, the garlic looks spoiled but it actually tastes sweeter.

And here it comes my new favorite dish, the king of all fish: St. Pierre. I have tasted different kinds of seafood, but this one blew my mind and made my taste buds burst! Working with the fillets was pleasant because you don’t need special equipment just a sharp knife. In this week video, you can see how it’s done. I really wish I could have shown you the taste since, in my opinion, this is the taste of heaven. An interesting fact is that the St. Pierre (or John Dory) is one of the ingredients of the famous French soup “Bouillabaisse”.

On Saturday we had to cook dinner for a small group. My responsibility was to prepare the lamb and to plate the meat. I really enjoy working in a team, it feels nice to know you can count on your teammates for everything.
I know it looks like I’m not doing anything on the photo, but I swear this was just the beginning of the night ;)

(Sous vide chicken with black salsify puree and dried morels) 
(Lamb with chips of  Jerasulim artichoke )

Thank you for reading my blog and see you next week.

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