Friday, 31 March 2017

Hello everyone, it’s been a month since my journey started. This week was filled with emotions and I had great new working experiences. I was thrilled when I found out we have octopi 🐙 and shrimps 🍤 on the weekly menu. Overall - it was a fishy week.


I also had to prepare a zander fish🎏which turned out pretty delicious!

But what is a fishy week without some salmon? I had the honor to fillet two big salmons. I didn't do a perfect job but the chef still congratulated me for having made some progress.

We had a lot of fun with my colleagues. I and the sous chef found a new usage of the cabbage.  

At the end of the work week, I got a special birthday surprise from my colleagues, which was one of the most touching moments during my internship. I will never forget it and I am really grateful I ended up working with this team.
( Part of the surprise) 
The day after that Sophia and I went for a walk to Bodensee and we had a great time enjoying the sunny weather.

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