Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hello everyone! At the start of this work week in the restaurant there was an event. As a main course we served to the people catfish fillets with mixture of vegetables and eggs on the top. The garnish was my responsibility. I had to cut and to stew leek with butter, a bit water, salt, pepper and nutmeg. The fish sauce made like foam.

I am very excited to say, that I had to prepare the staff meal. I had to use cabbage. Then I got the idea to cook one of my favourite dishes from my childhood. Rise with cabbage. It wasn’t something really special, but my colleagues really liked it and asked for more of the Bulgarian kitchen.

At the end of the week my chef and I, we made boar meatballs. I boned the boar leg.

 We minced the meat by adding 30% fat. We added onions and spices. Then we made the meatballs, which you can see in this week video.

After forming them we baked them in the oven for sixteen minutes on hundred and forty-five degrees with sixty-five percent humidity.

 Before serving we wrapped them in bacon and we closed the bacon from both sides, the garnish consisted of wedges potatoes and salad from wild herbs.

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

Hello, everyone! The half of the month is already gone. My week started with an event on which we served pork fillet with bacon, mushroom mix and young potatoes.

For the mushroom mix we used oyster mushrooms, chanterelles and white mushrooms. I took care of preparing the mushroom mix and that you can be seen in this week video.

For dessert we served mango and blackberry mousse with orange lemon ice cream, elderberry espuma, chocolate stick and mint for decoration.

On Wednesday I prepared the orange yoghurt dressing, which we usually use for most of our salads. I mixed the yoghurt with fresh orange juice, after that I seasoned it with salt, pepper and sugar. At the end I added minced parsley leaves.

The week continued excitingly for me, because I was working in the cold and the hot sections. But the biggest challenge for this week was the new menu. The pressure was a lot, but I liked it. Two of the dishes, that I prepared, were pike perch fillet with spinach and young potatoes and red mullet filet. The mullet fillet is served on potatoes thatch, and turnips. I found the colour of the fish very interesting. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it.
Pike perch fillet 

Red mullet fillets 

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

Hello everyone. This week I got back in the kitchen of “Stolper Fährkrug” restaurant. My working day has always been starting with preparing all vegetables needed for the cold section. It is nice to start the day with something fresh and green. In this week video you can see how I am cutting radishes for the salads.

My week continued with discovering some qualities of the elderberry. I have seen the flowers in Bulgaria so many times and my father is making juice with them, but my chef showed me how I can prepare the flowers. He is making a special paste batter with elderberry juice.  After that he dips the flowers inside and then he is deep frying them. We served them with the dessert, which consisted of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and sugar powder.

At the end of the work week I had to trim a pork tenderloin, which we use when we make schnitzel. After the trimming the meat is being sliced in pieces which are around 1cm thick, then it is thinned by pounding with meat tenderizer, and at the end we season it with salt and  pepper. Then it is fried in flour, eggs and bread crumbs. We serve it with sunny side up eggs and Bratkartoffel.

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Hello everyone! Another week in ‘Gutshaus Stolpe’ hotel and restaurant has passed. It started with rhubarb and more specifically my job was to peel it and to cut it in small dices. We have dried the peels of the rhubarb and made them into rings. We have also preserved the small dices and together with the chocolate mouse and sweet crumbs we got a delicious ending of the dinner.

The work week continued with peeling peas, which is used for a scallop dish.

I had the pleasure of taking care of the Apero. On the photos below you can see my preparation boxes. The herbs and the flowers were collected from the back yard of the hotel. I am amazed, many times I have seen those plants in Bulgaria and I didn’t know that they can be used in so many ways.  In the big box you can see beetroot and under it there are pickles. In the other box you can see two types of fish. The tiny slices is young herring and the other type is eel. In this week video you can see how i prepare the fish.

My week finished in a sweet way with preparing an exquisite crème Brulee.

In my free day I visited the zoo in Greifswald and of course I took some selfies.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hello everyone, week number four of May has already passed. My work week started with some Saint-Pierre fish which I wrote about in one of my previous blog posts ( The good thing is that I can safely say I am getting faster with preparation.

The week continued with salmon. And to be more precise - smoked salmon, the skin of which I had to peel off. You can find out more by watching this week’s video. After taking the skin off I marinated the fish with oil. 

In the beginning of the month, the executive chef gave us - the trainees, a task to create a dish that had to consist of bread. After choosing the type of bread, I took the initiative to shape it nicely in the form of a braid. 

The work week ended with preparing chicken breast for service. Again, I worked with the executive chef. After cutting the drumettes and the small fillet, chef marinated the breasts and I vacuumed them. 

My next job was to prepare beautiful veal’s back. It is a bit hard when the piece of meat is bigger than you are. But still, my chef congratulated me for doing a good job and I was really happy to hear I didn’t mess up my task. 

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.