Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hello, everyone! My last week but one went pretty normally, with the exception of Friday. Then we had to prepare a buffet for a wedding. At first, the chef ordered us to prepare the finger food which was meant to be served in the afternoon and which consisted of bruschettas with tomatoes and mini mozzarellas, lard sandwiches with radishes, pumpernickel with salted butter and wild ham. It was my responsibility to slice the wild ham, which I, personally, found too salty.

A part of the garnishes was on my to do list for the day. I started with green beans wrapped in bacon. In this week video, you can see I prepared them. The beans were the garnish for the pork fillet which was also wrapped in bacon.

Next on the list was to roast a mixture of vegetables, which were garnishes for the turkey breasts filled up with spinach, pumpkin and cream cheese. In the vegetable mixture, there was yellow and green zucchini, yellow and red paprika, red onions and spring onions.

Additionally, I roasted some mushrooms(oyster mushrooms, chanterelles and white mushrooms), which were served with the wild meat.

The only representative of the sea in the menu was the red mullet fillet with white turnips and separately potatoes straw.

The rest of the garnishes were blanched vegetables, potatoes gratin and rosemary potatoes.

The chef made some huge plates which included fish plate, cheese plate and a fruit plate. He also prepared a few butter roses with some lemon butter and salted butter.

As a dessert, my colleagues prepared a lemon mascarpone crème with blueberries confit and strawberry yoghurt with elderflowers espuma.

Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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