Monday 28 August 2017

 Hello, everyone. It was a barbecue week in “Stolper Fährkrug” restaurant.
One of the events was a meeting of politicians. For them, we prepared the traditional German sausages and some steaks. They did not want any garnishes. Despite that, they had in their menu normal butter, herbs butter, lard, normal bread, and baguettes. The dips were only ketchup and mustard. The dinner was organized in the form of a buffet, which was separated into two parts. The preparation of the meat you can see in the video for this week.

The other event for the week was a big buffet rehearsal dinner. For which the fish and the meat were prepared on the barbecue.  The meat we used was pork neck and chops, and of course sausages. The fish was smoked salmon, which my chef cut in pieces. Then he wrapped it in aluminium foil with olive oil, chilli peppers, sea salt, and limes peels.After that he grilled it on the barbecue.

The garnishes were different salads from tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, radishes, iceberg with radicchio, green salad. There were two types of dressings: yoghurt orange dressing and raspberry dressing.

The desserts were three: fruit salad, chocolate mousse, and lemon mascarpone crème with blueberries confit.

Fruit salad 
Chocolate mousse

 Lemon mascarpone crème

Organization in the restaurant

Thank you, for reading see you next week.

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