Monday 8 April 2019

Visit of the U.S. Ambassador

Hello everyone, I haven’t written for a long time. But now I am here to tell you about the visit of the U.S. Ambassador H. E. Eric Rubin, Miguel Hernandez, Senior Commercial Officer, Samantha Smith, Press Attaché, Col. Shannon Johnson, Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché, in VUM in Dobrich campus.
Photo by: Varna University of Management Facebook page

The meeting started with a short speech of the Ambassador. He briefly presented his colleagues, his and their duties. He shared, that they are working on projects related to the development of the working environment in the Dobrudja region
 After the speech, the small conference continued with question time. In the audience were lecturers, students, employees from the marketing team and career centre at the university. I am happy to say that everyone was there to learn and hear something new.
Photo by: Varna University of Management Facebook page

Photo by: Varna University of Management Facebook page

The question time flew very fast. However, there were many different questions related to economics, tourism in Bulgaria and education opportunities for European and Non-European students in the United States.
It was a great experience to be around people with high rank. I had a great chance to learn more about opportunities for master degree in the United States.
I was very impressed by the answers to the questions. They were concise, but descriptive at the same time and the idea behind was very clear. The Ambassador and his colleagues were open to answering all of our questions. Unfortunately, the time was short, but I am glad for the opportunity I had.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you soon!  

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