Sunday, 31 December 2017

Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone. The week started with Christmas. I spend the day with my cousin. We were searching for a present for her. On Tuesday I and my family joined the other part of the family. We had great fun and a lot of food.
   The cake that my dad made for the family union
On Wednesday was my name day. My sister helped me with the preparations. I gather my best friends. We celebrated with a lot of Bulgarian brandy, food and we went to a discotheque.

The rest of the days I spent travelling around, relaxing and preparing for the New Year.
On Sunday I made Bulgarian cheese pastry with fortune slips. This is the tradition in Bulgaria at twelve o'clock the so-called  "banitsa" is breaking up. Everyone gets their fortune slip for the new year.

I prepared also the salads. One of them was cabbage with carrots.

The other salad was green lettuce, spinach, radishes and spring onion. All the ingredients were homegrown in the garden, without any chemicals.

The third salad was boiled potatoes with red and spring onions.

I would like to wish to everyone the New Year to be better than the old one. Happy celebration.
Thank you for reading my blog and see you the next year.

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