Monday, 15 May 2017

Hello everyone, with the coming of the new month I went back to “Gutshaus Stolpe” hotel. It was an exciting week, with a lot of exciting work to do.
During the first week of May, I worked with my colleague Lennart. At first, we prepared a small delicious looking bread and some perfectly colored macaroons. I admire Lennart for having such a passion for bread and baking, it is really nice and aspiring to work with him. He taught me some tricks and secrets about baking.

My next task for the week was to prepare a Foie Gras. I had to grate it on a sieve and after that, I marinated and vacuumed it for 24 hours. I am glad that I had the chance to cook with this product.

One afternoon I worked with the head chef. We prepared chocolate candies, which we served as dessert for our dinner guests. I think that our filling came up delicious and I feel kind of proud of us. We used Matcha tea and pistachios which resulted in beautiful white chocolate candies.

During my free days, I visited my colleague Sophia, who has organized a dinner party for her friends. I helped her a bit with the hollandaise sauce. However, she did a wonderful job and surprised us with a tempting appetizer, which was dough for a tart with green asparagus, ham, and parmesan. As the main course, she served schnitzel made of pork fillet with white asparagus and the hollandaise I prepared. We finished the dinner with fruit salad and a vanilla ice cream.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.

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