Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hello, everyone! This week I had a lot of emotions in the kitchen, which is exactly the reason I love this job. Every day is different and you never know what the next meal will be. At work, I had to do pretty much the same things like the previous week and still, I have a lot to tell you.
My week started with making pancakes at home. It is always nice to spoil yourself a little bit before work.

 On Thursday I had to cut cherries in thin slices, which took a lot of time and nerves but my executive chef told me that for the next day I will have to cut more cherries and I accepted the challenge. The next day I got to work only to see 5 kilograms of sour cherries waiting for me to get started. It took me a lot of time to slice them and when I finished I understood, that I did my job the slowest way possible. It was a valuable lesson for me: before acting, always think through all your options.
Except for the cherries this week I did my work very well.
Sour cherries
The pastry chef, who was responsible for me, gave me a special task: to do everything without asking questions like “Should I?” “May I?”. Of course under his surveillance and with his help, I managed to make the onion quiche for the starter and I have also prepared the cheesecake for the pralines.

For this week video, I am going to show you how I sliced cherries.
Thank you for reading and see you next week.

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