Monday 10 July 2017

Dessert time

Hello everyone. This week I got back to the kitchen of “Gutshaus Stolpe” hotel and restaurant. I started the week with preparing the starter, which included onion quiche, homemade mayonnaise, tartar sauce, all is prepared by Lennart, beef jerky, and the other component includes radishes seasoned with salt pepper, chives, on which is placed smoked cream cheese, crisp bread and marinated quail egg. The decoration came entirely from our garden.

My week continued with wild salmon that I had to filet. Unfortunately I didn’t do it so well, but the next time I will do it better. 

On Friday we had a buffet and I worked in the pastry section. I helped Lennart to prepare and decorate the desserts. At first I squeezed some lemons for the lemon tart, which later we decorated with sweet crumbs, red berries and cloverleaf. There was also sweet yogurt with fresh strawberries and homemade muesli. We also served chocolate cake, decorated with nuts and berries. 

Lemon tart


Chocolate cake

On Saturday we had a wedding celebration. As an afternoon meal before the dinner we served finger food, which included: wild salmon, watercress, sour cream, which I prepared, pumpernickel; rabbit with buttermilk and fennel; leek quiche, sour cream and herbs from our garden; veal ragout potatoes espuma and beech-wooden mushrooms. 

On the buffet for dinner i helped with the pastry and we made rhubarb tart decorated with sweet crumbs and berries. The other dessert was chocolate mousse with preserved plums, I cutter in dices the plums, this you can see in my week video, and I prepared the crumbs, which my executive chef liked. The third dessert was crème Brule decorated also with berries.  
Rhubarb tart
Chocolate mousse


crème Brule
Thank you for reading and see you next week.

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