Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hello, everyone. This week has started with me preparing deep fried onion rings. I made them for the Apero.  Another component of the starter are the previously mentioned marinated quail eggs. This time I made the marinate using Lennart’s recipe.

My next task was to make a chervil sorbet. I have never done a sorbet before. Preparing it was not as hard as I have imagined it before. My first try was not that good, but the second one was quite successful. We have used the sorbet for the strawberry dessert on the menu.

It was an ordinary week at the end of which there was a concert. Specially for the guests of the hotel, the executive chef organized a buffet. I was responsible for recharging the buffet but before that, I helped with preparing it. I helped for one of the desserts, which was a frozen sweet yogurt with hazelnuts crumbs.

 I also helped with decorating two of the starters. One of them was an artichoke salad with buffalo mozzarella, which I decorated with corn and lavender flowers.

 The other starter I decorated together with my colleague Manuel. We had to plate smoked trout with red radish. I don’t think decorating is my strongest skill, but still, I gave my best.

In this week video, you can see how I am cutting hazelnuts.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.

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