Friday, 24 March 2017

Hello everyone, another week from my internship has passed. I was moved to the meat section and I worked with our Executive Chef - it was a great challenge. I am quite content because, however challenging the whole experience was, I was praised for doing a good job.
I made smoked bone marrow, which was new for me, but interesting to learn and fun to make.

I was also involved in the process of making the amuse bouche - one little bite looking so wonderful.

I am happy I got to work with meat and preparing it for the guests. Despite the chef being right next to me I was both nervous and excited. I learned a lot about pigeons this week - for instance how they should be killed and how to cook them without destroying the meat’s qualities and compromising the taste.

I also made lamb and fish fillets - you can see more about that in the video. Lamb meat is a really delicate product and can easily be overcooked, but still, I think I didn’t make that mistake.

I am continuing with my Deutsch lernen and it’s getting more and more complicated, wish me luck.Bye till next week or as the Germans say Auf Wiedersehen. 

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