Thursday, 9 March 2017

Start of the challange

The first week from my internship experience flew by so fast. I have been having a great time in the  Michelin star restaurant “Gutshaus-Stolpe”. The restaurant is located in a small village in Germany called Stolpe an der Peene.
This is a small town and there are no shops. It is however a perfect place for a relaxing vacation! There is a river flowing across town where you can take walks and enjoy the lovely nature. Besides work, there are not many activities to do here. During the warm months it is perfect for fishing or just a little adventure with a boat. Hopefully, I will get a chance to try these out in my free time.
( The river Peene)
My colleagues are young and come from different backgrounds, communicating with them and learning from them is nice and inspiring. I am excited about the following months. My mentor lets me help him with the plating and explains to me everything I need to know. He always gives me guidance if I am wrong. For the past  week I have learned a lot of new recipes like berries ice cream, chocolate fondant, beetroot risotto. We also made a homemade mayonnaise and we experimented with a new dessert.


Not everyone here speaks English, so I am happy that I get to practice my German. I finished the work week with my colleague Sophia, to whom I am grateful, because she drove me to a nearby city, where there are a lot of students. Despite the bad weather, we had a  great time shopping  for books and we also had a nice cup of coffee.