Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hello everyone, here we go with the second week of my experience. These days were filled with a lot of new lessons and emotions.  The most exciting moment was when my mentor Lenard gave me the special task to create my own Apero. Unfortunately, the dish was not good enough. However, it was a huge opportunity for me since I was able to show my imagination and creativity. I hope that my next try will be successful. 

This week we also prepared different types of Pralines. We had a customer, who had a birthday. As a surprise, we offered him a special mini cake created by my colleague. 

(Special cake)

We didn’t forget about people, who like to eat sweet things with their afternoon cup of tea or coffee. We cooked two types of cheesecake with Nectarines, which came out really delicious.

I was also given the opportunity to help with plating dishes for the special customers from a rotary club. There were not many guests, but I had the feeling that my colleagues rely on me and it was incredible.
We experimented with making a Focaccia with tomatoes which was a great success. 

For closing the working week, me and my friend Sophia didn’t miss the chance and we went out for an awesome ladies night. 
 I didn’t waste my free days and I started to catch up with my German.  And there is no better way for a Bulgarian girl in Germany to relax after a Monday of studying than cooking lentils.


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