Saturday 24 June 2017

Hello, everyone! The half of the month is already gone. My week started with an event on which we served pork fillet with bacon, mushroom mix and young potatoes.

For the mushroom mix we used oyster mushrooms, chanterelles and white mushrooms. I took care of preparing the mushroom mix and that you can be seen in this week video.

For dessert we served mango and blackberry mousse with orange lemon ice cream, elderberry espuma, chocolate stick and mint for decoration.

On Wednesday I prepared the orange yoghurt dressing, which we usually use for most of our salads. I mixed the yoghurt with fresh orange juice, after that I seasoned it with salt, pepper and sugar. At the end I added minced parsley leaves.

The week continued excitingly for me, because I was working in the cold and the hot sections. But the biggest challenge for this week was the new menu. The pressure was a lot, but I liked it. Two of the dishes, that I prepared, were pike perch fillet with spinach and young potatoes and red mullet filet. The mullet fillet is served on potatoes thatch, and turnips. I found the colour of the fish very interesting. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it.
Pike perch fillet 

Red mullet fillets 

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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