Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Hello everyone! Another week in ‘Gutshaus Stolpe’ hotel and restaurant has passed. It started with rhubarb and more specifically my job was to peel it and to cut it in small dices. We have dried the peels of the rhubarb and made them into rings. We have also preserved the small dices and together with the chocolate mouse and sweet crumbs we got a delicious ending of the dinner.

The work week continued with peeling peas, which is used for a scallop dish.

I had the pleasure of taking care of the Apero. On the photos below you can see my preparation boxes. The herbs and the flowers were collected from the back yard of the hotel. I am amazed, many times I have seen those plants in Bulgaria and I didn’t know that they can be used in so many ways.  In the big box you can see beetroot and under it there are pickles. In the other box you can see two types of fish. The tiny slices is young herring and the other type is eel. In this week video you can see how i prepare the fish.

My week finished in a sweet way with preparing an exquisite crème Brulee.

In my free day I visited the zoo in Greifswald and of course I took some selfies.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.

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