Saturday 24 June 2017

Hello everyone. This week I got back in the kitchen of “Stolper Fährkrug” restaurant. My working day has always been starting with preparing all vegetables needed for the cold section. It is nice to start the day with something fresh and green. In this week video you can see how I am cutting radishes for the salads.

My week continued with discovering some qualities of the elderberry. I have seen the flowers in Bulgaria so many times and my father is making juice with them, but my chef showed me how I can prepare the flowers. He is making a special paste batter with elderberry juice.  After that he dips the flowers inside and then he is deep frying them. We served them with the dessert, which consisted of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and sugar powder.

At the end of the work week I had to trim a pork tenderloin, which we use when we make schnitzel. After the trimming the meat is being sliced in pieces which are around 1cm thick, then it is thinned by pounding with meat tenderizer, and at the end we season it with salt and  pepper. Then it is fried in flour, eggs and bread crumbs. We serve it with sunny side up eggs and Bratkartoffel.

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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