Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hello everyone! At the start of this work week in the restaurant there was an event. As a main course we served to the people catfish fillets with mixture of vegetables and eggs on the top. The garnish was my responsibility. I had to cut and to stew leek with butter, a bit water, salt, pepper and nutmeg. The fish sauce made like foam.

I am very excited to say, that I had to prepare the staff meal. I had to use cabbage. Then I got the idea to cook one of my favourite dishes from my childhood. Rise with cabbage. It wasn’t something really special, but my colleagues really liked it and asked for more of the Bulgarian kitchen.

At the end of the week my chef and I, we made boar meatballs. I boned the boar leg.

 We minced the meat by adding 30% fat. We added onions and spices. Then we made the meatballs, which you can see in this week video.

After forming them we baked them in the oven for sixteen minutes on hundred and forty-five degrees with sixty-five percent humidity.

 Before serving we wrapped them in bacon and we closed the bacon from both sides, the garnish consisted of wedges potatoes and salad from wild herbs.

Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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