Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hello, everyone. After a short break, I am back with my blog. From now long I am going to share my weekly experience and feelings in the university.
On Tuesday was the opening of the academic year in Varna University of Managment. There I met some of my colleagues from my semester and from the next year. We had a great time together. We went to an Italian restaurant. Everyone of us shared his own adventure on the internship. It was nice to hear stories from people that have been through the same things like me.
After the lunch, we got back to the university and we took a selfie with the marketing specialist in Culinary Arts Institute.

On Wednesday we already started with the lectures. I found them really interesting. It is a bit hard to get out of the habit of doing more physical than mental work.
However, I am really enjoying the subjects that we have this year.
On Saturday I and my fellow-student Denitsa went for a market research on the local "Blue market" Varna. There we recorded information about the products and their prices.

Thank you for reading my blog, see you next week.

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