Sunday 15 October 2017

Hello, everyone. One more week more has already passed. This week was the first of many events in the university. Two of my fellow students were in charge of the organisation.
On the first days of the week, we started classes with making the menu and the calculations. It was not so simple and fast, how I thought. Also, we created a video for better advertisement of the event. It was nice again to put the uniforms and to go in the kitchen.

On Thursday the students form second and third years met the students from the first year. The reason was we had to share our Internship experience. I was pleasantly surprised how many people were listening and asking questions. Also, I found the meeting very interesting. It was nice to hear the stories from the others of their six months experience.
Unfortunately, on Thursday the evening, I had fever. And I was in my bed until the end of the weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog and see you next week.

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