Sunday, 17 December 2017

Hello, everyone. My week started perfectly. Together with my colleagues, we celebrated the eight of December (student fest in Bulgaria). We had a great party in one house in the countryside around Varna. The village is called Asparuhovo.

 The house was on the coast of the Tsonevo lake. The view of the sunset was amazing from the garden of the house.

Everyone took a part in the organizing the party.  We all gather together and had an amazing dinner thanks to the girls, who were shopping and thanks to the guys, who made the barbecue.

On Tuesday we had a lecture about information technologies. I learned new function in excel.
On Wednesday I got stomach various. For this reason, I spent my Thursday in the bed.
On Friday we got a very important presentation in English classes. My presentation topic was traditional dishes in the Taiwanese cuisine. It was a pleasure to read about their national dish beef noodles. There is even an international beef noodle held in Taiwan every year.
My Saturday and Sunday I spent with my colleague Poli. We were writing the assignment about human resource management. It was challenging to find the information we need.
Thank you for reading my blog and see you next week.

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